Eating wisely just got easier

Eating wisely should be simple and easy. Food ingredients & shopping are complicated. We'll simplify it and make it easy for you to eat & shop wisely.

Foodwise reads the label for you in the grocery aisle.

Know at a glance if the food is right for you!

  • Supports 18 different categories of foods.
  • You choose which foods to avoid.
  • Simply scan the label bar code.

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Just Scan the Barcode & Effortlessly get the Information you Need to Choose the Food Products that Work for You...while in the Grocery Isle!


Allergies have exploded in the past 30 years. Millions live in fear of their food being contaminated with tiny amounts that no one can smell or taste before it’s too late. From gluten to sesame, any food can cause an allergy. Foodwise app will give you up to date, accurate, and complete information on the specific allergens in your food.

Optimizing Your Nutrition

No two people have the same nutritional requirements. Between macronutrients – sugars, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats – more than a dozen vitamins, and 60 minerals that matter to health and disease, finding foods that fit your needs can be challenging. Foodwise app will make it easy with personalized nutritional analytics.

Artificial Additives

Food additives have been linked to everything from ADHD to anaphylactic shock. Very few of these chemicals have been rigorously studied and more smart people are avoiding them every day. Foodwise app will easily bring you current, accurate, and complete information on the additives in your food while you're in the grocery isle.

Liberate yourself from label-reading

You don't need to strain your eyes to read the ingredients list. Let Foodwise take the mystery out of food labels.

Helps you to stay on any diet you choose.

Simplicity that supports your dietary choices, rather than locking you into a one-size-fits-all diet.

Supporting 18 food categories that you can  choose to avoid

Set up your profile to report on more than 18 categories or ingredients – allergens and additives are currently supported and we’re working on more.

Search the database

In addition to bar code scanning, Foodwise lets you search our database for foods by product name. If someone recommends a food, you can check it out without having the package to scan.

A Message from  Founder Leland Stillman, MD

How this technology will make it easy for you to eat wisely.

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With your feedback, we'll work out the wrinkles.

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